Neil Smith Workshop

Neil Smith Workshop

The following day nine guitarists met at the same venue for a day in Neil's company. Neil led the assembled players through a programme of exercises and techniques to develop their abilities. Again, his vast experience from around the world gave insight and depth to the discussion. A number of attendees played pieces for Neil and he was able to offer positive encouragement and advice without being critical. He was very generous with his coaching and comments and often brought out the underlying musical structure in pieces.

The workshop was viewed by all as a very enjoyable and memorable event on knowledge, experience and social fronts.

The Kemnay Church Centre provided an excellent venue for both the concert and workshop and the staff of the centre provided excellent assistance and catering to both events. NESCGS is also indebted to Gordon Forum for the Arts for their generous funding that has made these events possible.

NESCGS consider the weekend a big success and plan to make a Spring Concert & Workshop an annual event.

Peter Stock, Chairman (NESCGS)