NESCGS AGM Concert - Sean Shibe

NESCGS AGM Concert - Sean Shibe


Bach - Prelude from suite BWV 997

Villa-Lobos - 5 Preludes

Rodrigo - Invocation y danza

Arnold - Fantasy


"The mark of a really special performer, is his ability to draw in the audience right into his work. Sean achieved this for me, for the whole of his performance. I was often reminded of Pavel Steidl, who I regard as the greatest guitarist I know. It is a first time this has happened for me. The performance of the encore, Asturias, was the most musical I have ever heard, with wonderful shades of tone, dynamic and shaping. A very special musical instinct expressed through virtuoso technical skill. Sean is a truly gifted musician, and we who love the guitar are lucky that he has chosen our instrument. As Peter Stock said, some day we will look back on the night and remember it as having been a privilege so early to witness a talent which must surely grow to world class stature."

Review by John Harle "NESCGS" member

Photo Courtesy of Conall McKay