Duncan Gardiner Concert

Duncan Gardiner Concert


Trad. arr. Gardiner - Scarborough Fair

Paul Svoboda (b.1959) - Aurora, Bossa on the Beach

Ben Kossenberg (b.1982) - Irish Melody

Olden Days (no.1 in g minor)

Duncan Gardiner (b.1983) - Hush

Paul Svoboda (b.1959) - Celtic Clash

Phillip Houghton (b.1954) - Faerie

Gardiner - Ballad

Gerard Montreuil (1927-1991) - Carrousel

Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856) - An Malvina, Ländler

Matteo Carcassi (1792-1853) - Six Caprices : I & IV

Duncan Gardiner (b.1983) - Dream Catcher Suite: I, II & III


It was a pleasure to welcome Duncan Gardiner from Australia to the 1st concert of the Society's 2008/9 season. This was an intentionally informal event which took advantage of Duncan's visit to Scotland where he played some ½ dozen gigs in total.

Duncan played a delightful selection of modern pieces of either his own compositions or by is friends and fellow countrymen. His concert had a theme of Dreams and the pieces chosen fitted well into that, evoking modern harmonies and rhythms.

Duncan developed an excellent rapport with his audience and gave interesting insights into his pieces. He mingled easily with the audience after the concert and his natural (if not national) friendliness shone through. He played in a clear and crisp manner and produced a lovely tone from his Australian guitar, to the enjoyment of all. Duncan is an excellent ambassador for the classical guitar. We look forward to welcoming Duncan back to NESCGS on his next visit.