Matt McAllister Concert

Matt McAllister Concert


Four pieces from the Scottish Lute Manuscripts

Untitled - Rowallan Manuscript

Blew ribben - Wemyss Manuscript

Courante and double - Panmure Manuscript

The Canaries - Straloch Manuscript


Suite No.1 for Solo Cello BMV1007 - J.S. Bach (1685-1750)








Farewell to Stromness - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (b. 1934)


Suite No.2 - Leo Brouwer (b. 1939)


Allegro Burlesco



Prelude and Allegro - Sylvivus Leopold Weiss (1687 - 1750)


Lament for the death of his second wife - Neil Gow (1727 -1807)


Julia Florida - Agustin Barrios Mangore (1885-1944)


Suite Venezolana - Antonio Lauro (1885-1994)


Danza Negra





Matt McAllister's visit was a great success. A superb concert, followed by a cleverly managed workshop that left me with points to ponder concerning my playing; and a feeling of achievement in the performance of our ensemble work. Matt's concert took us from the Hebrides to South America, capturing the diverse atmospherics of these regions through thoughtful, and always very musical playing. Maxwell Davies' "Farewell to Stromness" was carefully, tenderly, and hauntingly atmospheric, as was Neil Gow's "Lament", very movingly performed with a clarity and beauty of tone that was quite captivating. Barrios Mangore's "Julia Florida" took us across the Atlantic evoking latin emotions. From Bach to Brower, ancient Scottish lute pieces to Weiss, all performed with superb control. This was, for me, a very successful concert performed by a fine player who obviously understands his music in considerable depth. By his standards, he might have been least pleased with the Lauro, but he still left me very content. Thank you Matt. Haste ye back! John Harle (NESCGS member) Matt McAllister performed for our Spring Concert and Workshop this year. Matt, the latest in an impressive line of performers including Neil Smith, Pavel Steidl, Aquarelle Guitar Quartet and Allan Neave, did not let us down, his concert was sublime and the acoustics of the room perfectly showed off the beautiful tone Matt produces from his guitar. The programme was very interesting and informative and reflected Matts Scottish roots but then was followed by and compared to Bach and other repertoire of the period we were more familiar with, giving the audience food for thought as well as melody and rhythm. The following day Matt gave us some insight into how he has got to such a level of musicality, dexterity and tone in his playing. Matt generously passed on some of this knowledge and musicality as he conducted us through some interesting guitar "warm up" and development exercises and a couple of ensemble pieces that engrossed and pleased everyone involved. Many thanks Matt.

Rob Ward (NESCGS member)